The Promise Hero - Demonstration Tapes CD


The Promise Hero
Demonstration Tapes

1. Maybe I'm Just Crazy (Demo)
2. Long Way Home (Demo)
3. Oxygen (Demo)
4. I Wish I Never Met You (Acoustic Demo)
5. Fall (Acoustic Demo)
6. See You (Acoustic Demo)
7. Circles (Acoustic Demo)
8. Still Alone (Demo)
9. Sunshine In My Mind (Acoustic Demo)
10. Winning or Losing (Acoustic)
11. So Far Away (Acoustic Demo)
12. She's Breaking up with Me (Again) (Demo)
13. Lonely All the Time (Demo)
14. My Luck's Run Out (Demo)
15. You Found Me (Demo)
16. Wait for the Sun (Demo)
17. I've Got Nothing to Lose (Acoustic Demo)
18. Waste (Demo)
19. We Were Close (Demo)
20. Jealousy (Demo)
21. Bend (Demo)
22. Where Did You Go (Acoustic Demo)
23. Heartbreak Baby (Demo)
24. I Will Save You (Demo)
25. Fading Out (Demo)
26. Winning or Losing (Demo)
27. Eyes Wide Open (Demo)
28. Eyes Wide Open (Acoustic Demo)